Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall TV Shows

Happy Thursday!

Today is kind of an off day for me. Normally I work on Thursdays, but I'm off today and therefore a little thrown off. Plus I don't feel well. I started off my day by running into the office to drop some stuff off, and then a Target run. My little sister is a freshman at OU and within her first 2 weeks there broke her foot.

She told my mom she fell down the stairs while doing laundry. I have other theories as to how she broke her foot but I keep those to myself.

Either way she's having a really rough time, and as I'm sure many can attest to being a first semester freshman at college is hard enough. Point is, I made a Target run today and bought some fun stuff to put together a basket to send to her. I LOVE Target's dollar section. They have such cute holiday themed stuff. I got her a few paper pads, some fall tissues, a box to put it all in, some post-its ALL FROM THE DOLLAR SECTION!

Can't beat a deal like that!

I also got her a movie, a magazine, some candy, and a nail polish. You know...stuff to keep her entertained.

Since I'm feeling a little off today, I've planted myself on the couch and am catching up on my dvr. This will be an all day affair. Anyone else love fall for the new tv shows or season premiers? I DO! Some of my favorites this year are:

1. Gossip Girl

Don't read if you haven't seen this weeks episode!!! But really? Blair's baby is Prince Louis'? where are they going with this? I thought for sure it would be Chucks.

2. Whitney

If you haven't seen this show yet go directly to your tv and dvr it immediately. It's on tonight at 9:30 on NBC. It's already been renewed for a full season contract and you'll see why as soon as you watch it. I honestly think it is one of the funniest new shows on tv.

3. Revenge

I had my doubts about this show at first. Especially because they played previews for it EVERY OTHER COMMERCIAL over the summer. However, while I was babysitting the other day I watched it on demand and its actually a really good show and now I have to play catch up.

4. Hart of Dixie

I am in love with Rachel Bilson and have been ever since her days as Summer on the OC. Now she plays a new role as a New York surgeon relocated to small town Alabama. This show is just really cute and kind of reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Probably just the small town setting but whatever.

What are some of your favorite tv shows? Any others I should check out before it gets too late into the season?

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