Friday, January 20, 2012

Job interview and snow do not mix.

I HATE snow. Like I honestly believe I was meant to live in Florida. The only time I even remotely appreciate it is around Christmas time...but that's only as long as it doesn't ruin any holiday plans.
Example? I remember one year we had to cancel our Christmas Eve plans with my family because it was snowing too hard and it was just too dangerous to travel. Then I'm back to hating snow.

Tonight I am supposed to board a flight at 7:55 to go to Chicago. Yes, I know you're probably rolling your eyes because I am in fact going to Chicago again and it seems like that's all I do. However this time I have a good excuse! I am supposed to have a job interview there on Sunday. It's for an amazing position to be a therapist and work with children ages 2-8 who have autism. MY. DREAM. JOB.
However, it looks like the chances of this happening are slim to none thanks to the winter storm they are supposed to be getting.

I'm saying a quick prayer that they maybe don't get as much snow as expected and my travel plans can remain in tact so I can interview for this amazing job!

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  1. I hate when snow ruins important plans. Hopefully you'll still be able to make your flight. If not, can they reschedule? I hope this doesn't interfere with interviewing for your dream job! Crossing my fingers for you!


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