Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

It has been quite some time since I've linked up with Rachel at Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday! This weeks theme is recipes. I've admit before that I am no cook. In fact...I'm terrible at cooking. However, there are a few excellent EASY recipes that I can whip up and would love to share!
1. Appetizer
I use the Hungry Girl recipe, but I alter it slightly to make it less healthy. I personally think it tastes better if you use regular cream cheese and regular ranch...just my opinion.
2. Side Dish
I can not say enough good things about these potatoes. We made 2 large dishes of them when we went to Gatlinburg and they were devoured within minutes of being removed from the over.
3. Main Dish
4. Dessert
I found the recipe on the blog Lovin from the Oven (super cute go check it out!) This recipe is easy and delicious!
5. Drink
This is cheating but I love love love this wine. My roommate and I have a bad habit of going and buying a bottle of it almost every Saturday along with a baguette and cheese. Perfect!
What are some of your favorite recipes??


  1. those smores bars look AWESOME!!! and nothing is better than a glass of wine after a long day :)

    great blog you have!

  2. yummy!!! I nominated you for an award!! please come check out soon


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