Monday, March 12, 2012

Why I love March.

No, March is not the month of my Birthday (although I wish it was!) however it is the month of my favorite holiday!

St. Patricks Day!

I don't know about ya'll but I do love me some green beer...or green jello shots...
This year will be no exception...I mean come on people! How often does St. Patricks Day come on a Saturday. Every 6 years...that's how often and as my roommate so kindly pointed out the next time that happens we will be 30.

Last Year
I went to Chicago to celebrate the great holiday. It was a ton of fun but since I have made a vow to not visit Chicago anytime in the near future...I opted out of that trip this year.

We were in line for the bar by 7am.

We dressed like idiots.

And danced on tables...what more could you ask for on St. Patrick's Day??

Senior Year

We dressed up and acted like idiots the night before for the Bar Crawl.
The next morning some of us woke up at the crack of dawn (5:30) to go to a bar. My friend Bri had lost her id by 9am and everything past noon is a bit of a blur for everyone. It will always be one of my favorite days from senior year!

Junior Year.

This picture was taken around 3pm. I was struggling at this point because we had been drinking for almost 48 hours straight by this point. ( My best friends 21st Birthday was the 16th)

I also chose to not pay attention where I was walking that night and walked straight into a pole. Clearly my friends were really concerned...

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