Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday: Humor

Let me just say that in the midst of packing last night I was in serious need of some humor. Allow me to describe to you the scene that was occurring in my room:
-More clothes on the floor that in my closet
-Every pair of shoes I own laying on the floor/bed
-8 separate piles of clothing in various locations. Best thing about these piles is there was no
rhyme or reason as to what was in these piles or why they were randomly placed around my room.
-Toiletries in piles on my bed
-2 duffles
-4 Halloween costumes

I clearly have serious packing issues.

Anyways back to Pinteresting Wednesday! I am linking up with The Vintage Apple. I think these are hilarious and hope they make you smile today too!


  1. LOVE the cat with the pineapple on its head!


  2. love the orlando bloom quote! HA! so true!

  3. These are all so funny, mainly because they're all so true! I love the toddler in the swing, poor thing! And the Orlando Bloom quote, too funny!

  4. The bunny pic is so cute, and funny. And, we've all felt that way before! :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  5. Love them all!! I have a dog that can relate to the bath time blues. Haha. So funny! :)

  6. The pic with the bunny outfit is super funny. It's probably one of those I shouldn't laugh at, but I must.

  7. I love your pins! They are too cute!

    Would you mind emailing me your email address? I am trying to send out the sock swap partners, but your email was blocked! Mine is McClainae@gmail.com

    Thanks :)

  8. Hey I am a new follower, and also your sock swap partner!!! I can't wait to keep reading your blog and send your socks (I was out shopping today and found some super cute ones :))

    PS I love all of these pins, especially the black cat one- it reminds me of my cat!


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