Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday

I have a love hate relationship with black friday.

I love shopping. I love deals. I hate crowds and annoying people. Therefore I usually avoid waking up at the crack of dawn to visit over crowded stores filled with crazy people. I'd rather sleep in and visit the stores a little later on when there are less crowds. Trust me people, the deals are still good. (Unless you're looking for the tvs or some other big electronic thing. Then you might want to wake up early.)

However, this year I am loving how stores are starting early. All week long Old Navy has been having amazing deals. For instance, on Saturday their outerwear was all 75% off and on Sunday all sweaters were 75% off. Can't beat that.

Yesterday out of pure boredom I decided to pop into gap because I have been obsessed with their cords and was thinking about buying a pair. Although I didn't buy what I went in for I did walk away with amazing deals. Gap's "black friday" deals started early and alot of the store was 60% off.


Thats ridiculous people. I ended up getting this puffy vest and this sweater. Both were originally $59.95. I got both items for a total of $50! Can't beat that! I might go back today and bite the dust and get the cords I've been wanting FOREVERRRR. I don't know why I keep putting it off.

Also, Gap told me that they open at midnight on Thanksgiving and have some "great door buster deals". I need to stay away. I spend money way too easily.

What stores are you most excited about hitting up on black friday?

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