Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Awards

I think I have a creepy obsession for watching red carpet events.
Really I think I just want to be important enough to one day attend one of these events and wear a floor length gown like all of the stars.
So of course at 6:00 I immediately turned on E! and promptly sat down in front of the tv with my textbook open on my lap to "study". Ha. Yea right.

There were some definite hits last night but also some real misses when it comes to red carpet fashion.
I'll start with my favorites:

Emma Stone

Naya Rivera

Guiliana Rancic

Aimee Garcia

Jayma Mays

Some of my least favorites...

Kristen Wiig
Love the dress. Get rid of the choker.

Rose Byrne
Pant suits are just not my thing.

Amber Riley.
I'm sorry but bow has got to go.

Shailene Woodley
I understand that this may be representative of her movie...but no. It did not work.

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