Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday! This weeks theme is restaurants. Let's just say eating out is kind of my thing.

Just Peachy

1. Dancing Wasabi

Best Sushi in Cincinnati.

2. Terry's Turf Club

Best Burger in Ohio (Food Network decided that, I just agreed)

3. Skyline

It's a Cincinnati thing. People think its weird because we don't have beans in our chili.

4. PF Changs
Love their mongolian beef! I haven't had it in a while and am kind of craving it. I also really want their lettuce wraps right now. Someone is going to have to take one for the team and go there for dinner with me tonight.

5. Graeter's

I know this is ice cream but that still counts as food in my book. They have the biggest chips you'll ever find in ice cream. It's AWESOME!

What are some of your favorite restaurants?


  1. ice cream, always golden in my book!!

    cute blog!

  2. I posted about Terry's too! If I had a sixth choice, it would've definitely been Dancing Wasabi. I did a review of it earlier this year and was debating putting it in the post.

  3. Me and the Hubby are visiting Ohio soon...I'll add these to my list!


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