Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Chat

Hi. Remember me? No? I'm not surprised...I basically went MIA for what seems like forever. Life took over and the blog was placed on the back burner. Have no fear though...I am back and ready to blog. Life has been crazy and boring lately. School and work have taken over...however that is not fun or exciting...it is just boring. Well school is at least...work is just plain chaos.

I couldn't resist sharing a picture of one of my little kids. He will wear these plastic glasses all day. Harry Potter goes to preschool. Also, just to throw in a funny story. Today we were out on the playground and no one was paying attention to this little nugget above and he took it upon himself to climb to the top of a workman's ladder and was just sitting on the top. Why the workman didn't say anything is beyond me but it was pretty funny to see him just chilling up there.

I am completely moved into my new apartment and I LOVE LOVE LOVE living alone. I can watch what I want when I want. If there is a mess I know it's mine and I have no problem cleaning it. I don't have roommates that are nocturnal therefore causing me to stay up all night. I decorated it how I wanted. Oh, you want to see pictures? Okay!

I'll share pictures of my bedroom and kitchen as soon as I finish decorating them/clearing out the boxes!

Let's talk tv and books. Sometimes I get these ideas in my head that I have to do something RIGHT THEN and it consumes my every thought. For instance, I got it in my head that I wanted to see The Descendants and I  obviously couldn't wait 2 days until it came out on netflix so I went to Target last Saturday and bought it. Crazy? Maybe but I NEEDED to see it and I couldn't do anything else until I did.

Don't worry. It was well worth the money I spent to buy it. I loved it and think everyone should see it.

Next, Bloom. I have been hearing about this book through the blog world and last night when I thought I was dying of the plague decided to look up Kelle Hampton's blog. Let's just say I became addicted. So what did I do today? I obviously went to Target and immediately bought her book. It's amazing, so inspiring, and a must read for everyone. I have not been this excited to read a book since the Hunger Games. That means something people.

Last but not least, has anyone seen the show BFF? It's on NBC and I think it is hilarious. I've watched it like 10 times on demand. It's probably going to be cancelled haha but before it is I think everyone should watch it!


  1. your apartment looks so good!! jealous you're living solo! i can't wait to move out of my apartment in a few weeks. having 3 roommates turned out not to be the brightest idea!

  2. Omg! Your living room is awesome! Love your couch!


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