Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lucky One

Last night I was lucky enough to score tickets to see a sneak peek premiere of The Lucky One. I was so excited because I really wanted to see this I like being the first to do something soooo...3 of my friends and I set out to see this movie.

I have not read the book? Has anyone else? I kind of wish I had and am kind of glad I didn't. I want to be able to compare the book to the movie...but then on the other hand I liked the movie and have a feeling I wouldn't have if I had read the book first. Isn't that how it typically goes?

The movie was cute. There really isn't much to say about it. It's your typical Nicholas Sparks movie. Guy falls for girl, tragedy occurs...I'm not going to ruin it but you get the point. Also, why is it that every time I see a Nicholas Sparks movie I end up wanting to live in the quaint small southern towns they take place in?

I would say this movie ranked somewhere along the lines of The Last Song in terms of Nicholas Sparks movies. It wasn't as good as The Notebook or A Walk to Remember, but it was much better than Dear John.  

Is anyone else planning on seeing this? I can't wait to hear others opinions!

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