Monday, December 12, 2011

New Years Eve

Saturday night two of my girlfriends and I decided to have a laid back easy night. We started with dinner at Brothers. While I think they have good bar food, I don't think this was exactly the wisest choice Saturday night. Why? First, it was crazy with drunk people from drinking and watching basketball all day. Second, it was crazy with drunk people who were yelling and screaming about the UK IU game. Third, I had recently (as in a few hours prior) decided to try becoming a vegetarian. Long story for another post.

Anyways, a plate of fries, a salad, and 3 bar fights later we exited that fiasco.

We also went and saw New Years Eve.

I'm not going to lie. I liked the movie. I thought it was cute, it held my attention, and it was entertaining. Plus, I kind of love Zac Efron. Don't judge me.

It's not about the win any awards anytime soon, but if you're looking for a low key entertaining movie...this is it!

What did ya'll do this weekend?

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