Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday! This week's theme is guilty pleasures...HA! My specialty. 

1. Shopping...duh. I feel like when is shopping not a guilty pleasure for a girl. Especially for things I don't need like more nail polish or books. I have a kindle so it is 100% unnecessary that I buy more books but I still do it. I also hate painting my nails but I have a ridiculous collection of nail polishes.
2. Target- I can shop Target like no ones business. I find things there I never knew existed and never knew I would ever need...yet I find a place for them. It's actually really ridiculous.

3. Hunger Games- I need to stop rereading this but I can't. Its an addiction.

4. Cupcakes- Especially these Oreo ones that this little cupcake shop by me makes...at one point I was going there like 4 times a week to get them. Then I pulled myself together, had a pep talk with myself, and realized that was NOT okay.

5. Probably my biggest guilty pleasure...trashy reality tv. I love it. The trashier the better...sadly I'm serious. Would you judge me if I told you I spent a majority of my day yesterday watching the Bad Girls Club? It's okay...I'm judging myself. Seriously though. I watch it all...16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Real World, RW/RR Challenge, Jersey Shore, any and all Real Housewives...Does anyone remember Tool Academy? Yes, I watched that too. 

I'm probably going to lose friends for admitting that. 
What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. I just got a Kindle...I think Hunger Games is at the top of my list!

  2. target is the devil lol; i always end up spending money there :)


  3. I love cupcakes! I find myself running downtown to Abby Girl too often for them!

    1. I've never tried Abby Girl but I've heard good things about it! A new cupcake shopped opened in Oakley called Yum! and its soooo amazing. You should try it if you get a chance.


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